heARTistic Mentoring

I believe you can achieve anything and there are no limits to your talents or to the heights you can reach and through heARTistic Mentoring.

What is heARTistic Mentoring?

Supporting you to 'make it' in the arts

As an artist I know all too well the blocks we subconsciously put in place when we are trying to “make it” in our field.

Helping to overcome self doubt

We fight not only with our own inner dialogue but also with old fashioned ideals that being an artist is not a real job.

Visualising what success really means to you

We get caught up in other people’s ideals of what it is to be an artist and what the mysterious “making it” actually looks like.

Guiding you to fully embrace your talents

At the time when we should be striving for bigger and better things we become our own worst enemies and this process then holds us back from achieving our goals and truly embracing our talents.

My speciality - mentoring artists

Whilst my mentoring sessions are open to everyone, I specialise in working with those whose passion is in the visual arts, especially 2D and 3D.

Providing genuine guidance

Together we work towards you achieving your goals and allow your true expression to come through in whatever your chosen field is.

Uncovering extraordinary insights

I ensure you are fully supported as you grow and uncover some amazing insights and use them to proactively take your artistic ability from ordinary to extraordinary.

Practical mentoring to create immense change

Our sessions together will be practical and bring about immense change in not only the way you move forward but also the way you view your art, your life and your future.

heARTistic Mentoring

Are you ready to walk your heARTistic path? If YES, together we will uncover where you are now and where your heart wants to be. We move through the fears that have held you back from reaching the pinnacle of your career and passion. For an obligation free chat to see how we fit, contact me now.

Intuition Guidance Cards

As one user says “The Intuition Guidance Cards are uncannily in tune with what is going on in your heart. They never cease to surprise me with how accurately they strike a chord giving guidance, hope and solace. The fact that you are reading this probably means that they are waiting to help you too.” 

Includes Post & Handling


Ready for a change in your life’s direction? The Intuition Guidance Workshops are very powerful online workshops using your intuition as your personal GPS. With 5 or more friends committed to starting their heARTistic journey, you will be on your way to living the life YOU design. Contact me for more information.

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