Intuition Guidance Cards

The Intuition Guidance Cards are currently unavailable. Please contact me for further information. Thank you.

Those of you who already have the cards will know of their pretty much spot-on-every-time-spookily-uncanny accuracy (here are my testimonials – and please email me if you have a testimonial of your experience you’d like me to add).

Often they confirm something we already know but were doubting. That doubting bit happens to us all, in fact way too much. Only yesterday I was in big doubt about a lot of things, not least of all my sanity and intuition! Then I went to see a local clairvoyant and it was just confirmation upon confirmation of what I had been doing, was doing or was about to do – all OK, on the right track, keep doing what you’re doing and NURTURE yourself more. That felt soooo uplifting I can’t tell you.

We have to learn to TRUST OURSELVES. And our brilliance and innate cleverness that we don’t even realise is there, lying waiting for us to wake and shake it up.

Having just experienced the lack of self trust fairly big time (I’m always so damned annoyingly positive!) I know how hard it can be to believe in our intuition but here’s the thing, our intuition is never ever wrong. So! If you’ve not yet worked with my Intuition Cards, you have the opportunity now. They really are a fast track to your internal store of answers.

If you knew you had a constant guide, there at call for your highest good and that never fails you, wouldn’t you want to learn how to get its wisdom every time you doubt?

That’s where the affirmation of the cards come in. They will help you cut through your doubts and bulldung connecting you with your inner wisdom, that intuition that resides within every one of us.

With Love and Blessings Glen

When you buy a deck for yourself (or as a brilliantly empowering gift) you get a free 20 minute session with me worth $50.

You also get a ‘How to Use’ leaflet and a purple velvet pouch to protect them. That’s $97 value. Within days your Intuition Cards will be winging their way to you, all in good time for – well, whatever and whoever you want it to be for!


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