The Intuition Guidance Cards work on a subtle level, prompting you to look deeper at a challenging situation

They provide you with a direct line to your intuition (where all the answers lie) and with practise, you will learn to embrace the messages being shown to you as a direct response from your intuition.

“The Intuition Guidance Cards are simply wonderful affirmations of life. They can serve as clear signposts when you are uncertain which way to turn, or when life is threatening to overwhelm. Not only has Glen painted exquisite images and symbols of the feminine, but she has also used inspirational words to soothe the weary, heal the weak, and encourage the wary. I highly recommend these cards to anyone wishing to glean a higher insight into themselves through this evocative and intuitive method of self-knowledge.”
Dr. Gabriella Kortsch – Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach, Spain

Intuition Guidance Cards

``I have been working with the Intuition Guidance Cards for some time with my clients and they all love them.``

How are the Intuition Guidance Cards used?

There are literally dozens of different ways of using the Intuition Guidance Cards, both personally or with friends, family or clients, in public and private workshops.

What is included with the cards?

Each Intuition Guidance Card deck of 24 cards includes a leaflet explaining how to use the cards but there really are no right or wrong ways to use them. Use the cards however you are intuitively drawn to do so and trust in yourself that you are being guided in their use.

Gain insights into the present and the future

A popular use is to draw one card at random in answer to a specific question. Or to draw two cards, one that indicates present and one that indicates future regarding a particular question or issue.

How do I buy the Intuition Guidance Cards?


Currently Unavailable

Do you wholesale the Intuition Guidance Cards?

Yes we do. We have very competitive wholesale pricing for our cards and offer full training and support to our wholesalers/affiliates. If you would like more information please contact Glen.

What others are saying about the cards

“Working with the Intuition Guidance cards gives focus, it stops the chattering and is a fast track, a hyperlink to the wisdom inside. They often confirm what you know already but didn’t quite realise or had forgotten, or simply don’t want to remember. For me, the insights are timely reminders. They have become my trusted friends. Light, fun, inspiring and yet often offering profound wisdom.”

Madison King, Energy Medicine, Spain

“Glen is not only one of the most wonderful and beautiful people you will ever meet, she is also a dynamic and inspired entrepreneur. She has created with the Intuition Guidance Cards, a most incredible tool to help individuals get a deep and profound insight into many areas of their life. This tool should be a must for most professional coaches.”

Gerard O’Donovan, Chairman and Founder, Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd., UK