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Here are just some of the amazing testimonials and feedback I’ve had around the GoddessGuides Intuition Cards. I’d love to add yours so please email me on goddessguides @

“Thank you Glen. I love the cards. At the time they are needed, they provide exactly what I need. We were using your cards at High Spirits retreat last week. They were some of my favourites. In fact High Spirits need a new set of your cards – they are very well loved!” Kate, Qld, Australia

“Hello Glen, This was spot on! The Goddess of Confidence is definitely what I need at this time. I’m going to do some journaling on what you shared with me. It was hard for me to come up with a very specific question but what I needed healing around was the anxiety I’m having about the birth of my daughter in 7 weeks’ time. The anxiety is about being able to manage both my businesses, being a new breastfeeding mother, caring for a 15 year old son AND being a wife. I have never had more responsibility in my life. I had self-doubt creeping in about my ability to manage all the responsibility without letting people down. I will sit with this and work with this. I can’t believe how accurate this was! Confidence in my self and my ability is exactly the perfect Goddess for me to be stepping into. Thank you, Thank you! I’ll post about your work on my page! I would also love to share your work with my community through my ezine.” Jessica Patterson, Soulfulsolopreneur, United States

“Your cards a pretty amazing and uncannily accurate! I have been blown away with the message and guidance they have given me. I am on a wonderful spiritual journey and enjoying the changes within myself too. Thank you for creating the fabulous goddess guide cards and providing a nurturing environment to allow myself and others to address our issues”. Nicola, Qld. Australia

“The GoddessGuides Cards are simply wonderful affirmations of life. They can serve as clear signposts when you are uncertain which way to turn, or when life is threatening to overwhelm. Not only has Glen painted exquisite images and symbols of the feminine, but she has also used inspirational words to soothe the weary, heal the weak, and encourage the wary. I highly recommend these cards to anyone wishing to glean a higher insight into themselves through this evocative and intuitive method of self-knowledge.” Dr. Gabriella Kortsch – Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach, Spain

“Thanks for contacting me in order to make a time to have a session together. What an amazing opportunity. …infact this offer made the purchase of your cards completely irresistible. I have been using your cards by myself and with my family and some friends, they have been very insightful and have expanded our lives and consciousness. A wonderful tool, really a joy to use. Thank you.  I would also like you to know that my daughter (16) has fallen in love with your cards and had been quite gobsmacked at how profoundly spot on and relevant they are.” Fiona, Australia

“I have been working with the GoddessGuides Cards for some time with my clients and they all love them. The best way to explain how I use them is to give a case study: I had a lady come to me for several visits in turmoil about her relationship with her partner. They were having a long distance relationship and the man was unwilling to commit. After some visits she understood she was focusing only on the outcome she wanted (which was marriage and a child) and not seeing how she was driving the relationship down with her impatience and inability to allow the man to take the initiative. She was losing herself and everything else she wanted to create by obsessing only on what the relationship was not doing right now. As she was on the brink of seeing how impatient she was being and beginning to feel the excitement of focusing again on her art, I asked her if she would like to choose a GoddessGuide Card to help her see more clearly. She drew the Sky Goddess. The words on this card simply gave her the confirmation she needed. She could shrug off the obsessive behaviour and begin to see that her partner was making steps towards them getting together, and only a week later he found a house for them and talked of marriage. It helped her to focus on her journey first and visualise what she wished from her partner without badgering him, giving him the space and time he needed to move forward (men loath to be told what to do!) She was able to focus more on her creativity feeling more reassured that she could look with eagerness towards a much brighter future. That things will and did become infinitely clearer. I want to thank Glen for taking the journey into creating her sensitive and beautiful artwork and these cards with such wise words. The cards have given so many the confirmation they needed at the right time. It has spoken to them and helped them to see what they needed at that moment. A valuable asset to any practise. With admiration.” Michele Sumac Claiborne, Today’s Medicine Woman, USA

“The GoddessGuide Cards are uncannily in tune with what is going on in your heart, body and soul. They never cease to surprise me with how accurately they strike a chord and give guidance, hope and solace. The fact that you are reading this probably means that they are waiting to help you too. There are so many ways they can be used, either imparting daily inspiration by choosing one card to accompany you or by asking them specific questions about specific situations. Sometimes the cards are chosen for you when they “accidentally” fall from the deck, don´t just pick them up and put them back, READ THE MESSAGE THEY HAVE FOR YOU!! I am deeply grateful to have been found by my GoddessGuide Cards and would not hesitate in recommending them.” Elizabeth Fear, UK

“Dear Glen, I am a friend of Andrew Hunter and met you last year when you held a GoddessGuide workshop. Andrew has just sent me a wee gift of your cards and I want to say just how beautiful and divinely inspired they are. Thank you for being such a willing instrument for Divine Grace to flow through. I hope these cards sell well as their message is so needed and the art so gracefilled. I hope to meet you again one day. Thank you , Blessings.” Jude Wills, UK

“The magic has begun already! With the Goddess of Awakening in mind, I awoke today aware of a whole new day ahead of me! Untouched! What would be the best way to use it; dealing with routine jobs that ought to be done, or with the major focus on one of my cherished projects?  I’ll see what answer/s arise from my Intuition. I have started a Goddess Diary as I want to record this process!” Val, Spain

“Working with the cards gives focus, it stops the chattering and is a fast track, a hyperlink to the wisdom inside. They often confirm what you know already but didn’t quite realise or had forgotten, or simply don’t want to remember. For me, the insights are timely reminders. Sometimes in my daily meditation, I will hold the pack, focus and ask what I need to think about, contemplate, learn today – what is the message I need to hear. I then stand the card on my desk and revisit it during the day. If I have a problem, I will draw a card and interpret it in relation to the problem, gives me a general reading then I will draw another which gives me ‘what crosses me’ – the negative side of the problem, what to watch out for. Then a third which is the possible outcome. They have become my trusted friends. Light, fun, inspiring and yet often offering profound wisdom.” Madison King, Energy Medicine, Spain

“I tried picking two as per the instructions, and it worked when I did this with other people – I asked them to pick two cards and then I read out the text. But for myself I found two cards too much for the day, so I just pick one card when doing them for me – being in the moment! I just like picking a card and then musing on that for the day. I read the card, think for a minute about what it could mean, then turn it round to the picture side and have it sitting on my desk all day. I find having a Goddess in the room where I’m working very reassuring!!” Michelle Rumney, Artist and Life Coach, UK

“For me, the images, especially the colours, hold as much magic as the thoughts. I like the idea of having a pocket/handbag version to look at before an important meeting, or like the Bach flower remedies, a means of producing instant calm! I think the cards are beautiful and a pleasure to use. They are an aid to meditation, keeping the paintings in my mind’s eye.” Arpi Shively, Writer, Spain

“It was fascinating to see how everyone related to the cards they picked in our workshop, and particularly stunning when people said they had picked the identical cards immediately before. I have been on a journey for some time and it was another strong confirmation of the direction I should be taking. I am absolutely fascinated by the way in which they really do seem to pinpoint each individual’s weaknesses or doubts and possibilities, creating an awareness of the areas that have room for improvement or need for change.” Clare Fear, Healer, Spain

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