Solo Goddess

Solo Goddess 

Taking you from Solo to SOULo!

“You were created as a unique individual with a special purpose to fulfill.  Deep inside you know what that purpose is and that it is the worthiest thing you can do in your life.” Goddess of Being, Intuition Guidance Cards 

Going it alone as a Solo Goddess (single woman or woman who is in a relationship but feels single – or wishes she was!) in this day and age is not what it’s cracked up to be. It also isn’t easy. We have to sink or swim. Sink meaning maybe weaken or be a victim or poor me type. Swim meaning be a bit tougher than we perhaps normally would or would like to, having to make decisions alone and constantly being on the receiving end of ‘why aren’t you married or have a boyfriend? You’re attractive, intelligent, smart…’ – maybe that’s why! 

There seems to be more and more of us women doing it Solo without a mate by our side, never mind Soul mate. 

Things are harder financially and otherwise as a Solo Goddess, we have to do twice as much work in the home especially if we’re sole entrepreneurs.  We have to be cleaner, cook, shopper, handyman, washerwoman, hostess (if there is time left over!), secretary (to ourselves), CEO, kids Taxi and gardener. Did I leave anything out??

Our partnered friends tend to forget that we don’t have someone to bounce ideas, thoughts, worries, joys, plans, dreams, etc. off on a daily basis.  What does that do to us I wonder? I remember a dear friend of mine saying that when you’re in love and have that person by your side, you can move mountains that you couldn’t even consider climbing on your own let alone moving. 

There seems always to be an outnumbering of women to men, wherever I’ve been in the world, have you found that too?

Solo Goddess may also be in a relationship but dysfunctional so she feels single or alone.

If this resonates with you, fear not! Don’t go to the nearest cliff and contemplate jumping. We, as Solo Goddesses have also learnt to keep our femininity and sexuality intact, keep a sense of humour, never give up hope, nourish and care for our friends and loved ones, and multi task even more than usual. 

Never give up hope is the one that resonates most with me.  As a friend’s mother used to say, for every pot in the cupboard there is a lid. So whilst I wait for my lid to come along in the shape of a White Knight (though I think not on a white steed but maybe a short-legged donkey) I keep powering on with the things I feel I am called to do, those things we do from sheer passion and love which also serve others.

My new mantra is, if it doesn’t inspire and excite me, I’m not going towards it.

We all are unique. And smart and brilliant and powerful beyond belief. Problem is, do we really believe it? 

Well you better! We all have something special we’re here to do, a purpose that no one else can do in our unique way reaching the ones we will reach and using the words we will use. We must have faith and trust in that and bucket loads of belief in ourselves. 

You might not yet know what your purpose is – it took me most of my life to find mine and I’m now 57 – but find it you will. And it’ll be something you’re passionate about, love doing and that you’re really good at. And it’ll probably be something that never even occurred to you that this is your purpose. And it may even change once you embark towards it.

You see, we all see ourselves very differently to how others see us – usually worse or more negatively. And we don’t necessarily know that we are good at doing something in particular because how would we? We just do it and think so does everyone else.

The most important thing is to decide to do something and then do it. Procrastination or not making a decision is far worse than making the wrong decision. And anyway, there are no wrong decision in the big picture. 

What helped me was taking time out from work for a year in a very different place, giving myself time to spend on something I loved – my painting. I found that I could hear my intuition more, that voice telling us what to do for our own highest good. I found that people came out of the woodwork suddenly to support and help me along my path.

I was lead and guided by something much bigger than me – and still am – since 18 years now. Sometimes I lose the plot totally and wonder what it’s all about. Other times I’m so in the flow that things just happen effortlessly and with great synchronisity and stunning serendipity. 

Staying aligned on a path isn’t easy on your own, even when you’re a Goddess! But listen up to what your inner voice is saying and you will be taken on a journey you never would have dreamed of.

I have a belief about there being so many Solo Goddesses out there (at least I know I’m not alone!) and that is it’s our time, women’s time – Solo or otherwise. In low places and high. Very importantly in high – government positions, CEO’s of financial institutions, senior governmental positons and so on. 

I believe with our time as women will also come peace with little or no war. After all we know that violence never was or will be, the answer. We women are generally speaking more spiritually advanced than men and are here to guide them to heal and make our earth whole again. Men will be there to support us in our roles as nourishers, carers and creators of a new world which is already here.

And so Solo Goddesses take up your positions and get ready for the changes which are upon us, we have a lot of work to do together. We’re living in exciting times where the new paradigm is collaboration NOT competition. We are here to contribute to that and make a difference, each and all of us in our own way. 

There is a purpose and higher reason to there being so many Solo Goddesses at this time.  For us to serve for the greater good of humanity requires that perhaps for part or much of our journey we need to tread this path Solo, holding up our own strength and lifting up those below us, making sure our wings stay spread. 

And along the way may our Soul Mates turn up when we least expect it and you will be transformed from Solo To SOULo! Always keep hope and above all, honour YOU and believe in your very beautiful and capable self.

With my love and blessings



BIO: Ms Glen Ladegaard

Passionate Artist and Solo Goddess Mentor

I work with Solo Women committed to make positive change to become SOULo Goddesses.  To continually grow in their lives, women who know they want to go further and deserve better, women who may be lacking the umph, confidence or self-belief to go it alone but are dedicated one way or another to GET THERE. I will take you from Solo to SOULo!

Being in alignment

You know when you’re NOT in Alignment because you feel off kilter, you’re not really content with anyone or anything, something is missing even if you can’t put your finger on it, things are not working out the way you’d planned or hoped, you don’t feel fulfilled or satisfied, you get great ideas and start them but then your saboteur talks you out of it.  Need more examples?  I’m sure you get my drift and understand exactly what I’m talking about.

On the contrary, when you ARE in Alignment you feel great, you look good, you love the way your life is going, things come to you effortlessly, you only have to think something and the next minute you’ve manifested it, and so on.

So how do you get from Non-Alignment to Alignment?  You begin with these steps:

  • Stop and Start to Listen – to your Intuition and what it’s Saying
  • Make a daily practice of at least 10 minutes of Quiet Time
  • Stop trying to push and make things happen – clear space to allow the new to come in
  • Think clearly about what you want, put it out there and then Let It Go
  • Ask for help – from friends, professionals and TPTB (The Powers That Be!)
  • Observe your feelings closely – if you feel bad, you’re out of Alignment, if you feel good, you’re IN Alignment
  • Believe in your Self, your Greatness and Power and that you CAN do and be anything you dream of

Need more help?  Please contact me on when you’re ready to talk about your Groove.

Love and Blessings, Glen

Confidence v’s Self Worth

I’m realising as I work more and more with the issue of confidence – does someone have it or not? – that there are many types of people who appear to have confidence but aren’t convincing, others who have confidence and wear it well, and yet again someone else who is so confident it’s totally off putting.

And then there are the people who are so confident and ‘out there’, they have high profile careers or positions, in the public eye, keep huge audiences entertained and in the palm of their hands but…they actually don’t have any sense of Self Worth or Belief.

They even lack esteem, even though you’d never know it by the way they conduct themselves, speak and carry off their image.

I thought I was going to be niching my business in confidence when I was told that was very nice, however, Confidence was not a niche rather a category – way too huge.  So after much online marketing, social media, exploring, trying this and then trying that, looking inward, outward, taking a 9 month volunteer journey in Asia, I have realised what my speciality is.

And it is this: inspiring and motivating

Corporate and Business Women to grow both their businesses and personally, and to reach for the stars. To take their personal journey and make it mine, sharing my experience and knowledge whilst also learning from them. Yes, you heard that right! I’m in a win win situation, doing what I’m passionate about with corporate women who are passionate about personal growth and success and I’m still learning as I go along. It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

If this rings your bells then let your intuition guide you and contact me and we can have a chat about how we might fit together.

Love and Blessings, Glen

When you think the odds are stacked against you

…the Universe is actually working out a plan for you. So if you’re in need of inspiration, coaching and mentoring read on.

I would like to dedicate this blog to my very, very dear ‘wee big sis’ Clare Darwish. This morning you inspired me (to write this blog from my heart), you motivated me (to express my vulnerability) without even knowing you were doing either. You gave me much needed support (you care about me and you’re interested in me and what I do), you told me what to do (with my website and work) which I have wanted guidance with for years, without realising you were! This is what I do for others when I coach them and what I’ve needed for myself for a long time. Thank you dear heart – I love you to bits.

I get so many comments on my blog and Facebook pages about how inspirational my journey is and how happy and relaxed I look and what an amazing trip I’m on, etc. And all that is true plus a lot more – to an extent. Have you noticed that in my blogs I try to also show some of the down sides or less positive aspects of the path that I’ve chosen (yes, chosen although I knew it would be difficult and a huge journey in personal growth)? Many just see the images and think ‘WOW!’ how lucky is she or I wish that was me or I was brave enough or had the money or whatever is relevant to their personal situation and emotions.

Most of you who know me, know that I’m a pretty positive sort of person seeing the silver lining in most clouds. I’ve even been accused of being too positive. I get that. But I’m also human and I sure as hell have had my lows and fears on this journey I’ve been on for the last 6 months.

We make our own luck – or not. I read recently ‘He who risks, wins’ which says a lot for me. We can’t cocoon ourselves to stay safe in our little ball of soft, fluffy cotton wool so that we don’t get hurt in any way. Well, we can but then we also don’t get to experience so many things that are there for us to experience and thus grow.

On this journey I have had so many out of this world, fabulous, heart warming, fun, adventurous, beautiful experiences – most of them involving people I’ve interacted with along the way. But I’ve also had some tough, lonely, disappointing, confusing and scary experiences. And guess what? THAT is all part of life. We have to have opposites in our life to understand what is available to us and in order for us to be able then to DO something about it and achieve a balance that works for us. Not your parents or boss or partner or best friend but what works for you.

So I’m often going through just the same ups and downs that I would at home but just doing them in perhaps a more exotic (at times) location. I’ve had plenty of time for reflection and I still wonder partly what this whole journey of mine is about but I know ‘all shall be revealed’, probably when I get home.

So, to the title of this blog which was the first in a series of ‘What I’ve learned and am still learning’ that I began to write in January on Phu Quoc Island after leaving the first NGO in Ha Noi after only 5 weeks when I should have been there 6 months; I absolutely know and trust that when I’m having the crappiest time whether due to circumstances or emotions or both, that there IS a bigger picture, there IS another plan that I’m not privy to and that eventually, all will be well. It’s not easy, especially when you’re in that low place where you feel unsupported, unloved and all alone but you come out of it don’t you? And then things look up and get brighter and better and you feel happier and we just have to remember THAT when we’re back down in that hole again, because we most probably will be at some point.

I’m here because I’m passionate about my coaching work and making a real difference in other’s lives so they can be the best they can and want to be and achieve the things they want, whether great or small. I never get tired or bored or distracted when I’m working with my clients. On the contrary, I get totally energised, or as a dear friend says – GLENergised! And I have plenty of that GLENergy to pass on to inspire and motivate you also.

One of the things I’ve been saying for the last couple of years is I want a mobile business.  Have laptop and internet, will travel.  With my Inspiration, Coaching and Mentoring business, I can engage and work with my clients whether from home or the back of a yacht in the Bahamas (that one is yet to come!).  It’s been a great source of fun and delight to be able to say ‘well on our first session, I was in a hotel in Bangkok and she was on the beach in Australia’ or ‘our next session I was in a café in Siem Reap and she was in Florida’ and so on. My clients move about as much as me (well, nearly) and I’m very grateful for the technology we have in our world today that allows us not only this freedom but the aspect of being able to have global clients from all walks of life, no matter where we are.

If I leave Asia after my 9 month adventure of volunteering at 3 NGO’s and some miscellaneous travelling having inspired and motivated just one person to trust and listen to their intuition, to strive for their brilliance to shine, then my job has been done, my journey successful and I shall be rewarded a thousand times.

With all my love and blessings,


Psst… as usual, I’d love to hear your views and thoughts on my journey so far. Feel free to post a comment in the box below or email me direct and share this blog if you know someone in need of some encouragement – thank you!

GO FOR IT- whatever it is! And if you’re not sure how to do that, let me help you.

Intuition Guidance Cards

Those of you who already have the cards will know of their pretty much spot-on-every-time-spookily-uncanny accuracy (read some testimonials HERE – and please email me if you have a testimonial of your experience you’d like me to add)

Often they confirm something we already know but were doubting. That doubting bit happens to us all, in fact way too much. Only yesterday I was in big doubt about a lot of things, not least of all my sanity and intuition!

I went to see a local clairvoyant and it was just confirmation upon confirmation of what I had been doing, was doing or was about to do – all OK, on the right track, keep doing what you’re doing and NURTURE yourself more. That felt soooo uplifting I can’t tell you.

We have to learn to TRUST OURSELVES. And our brilliance and innate cleverness that we don’t even realise is there, lying waiting for us to wake and shake it up.
Having just experienced the lack of self trust fairly big time (I’m always so damned annoyingly positive!) I know how hard it can be to believe in our intuition but here’s the thing, our intuition is never ever wrong. So! If you’ve not yet worked with my Intuition Cards, you have the opportunity now. They really are a fast track to your internal store of answers.

If you knew you had a constant guide, there at call for your highest good and that never fails you, wouldn’t you want to learn how to get its wisdom every time you doubt?

That’s where the affirmation of the cards come in. They will help you cut through your doubts and bulldung connecting you with your inner wisdom, that intuition that resides within every one of us.

With Love and Blessings Glen

Does your career correlate with your values

Question: I found it very useful to really think about and identify the values I have in my life – and then to compare them against what I do and how I actually live. It has highlighted that I am not doing a job that correlates with my values. Could that be why I’ve never really enjoyed my work?

Answer: It’s great that you’ve been able to not only find the VALUE ELICITATION exercise useful but be able to view them in relation to your work and life. And yes, it’s very likely the reason why you’ve never really enjoyed or felt in ‘synch’ with your work is that your Career does not Correlate with your Values?. Career coaches – whose use and popularity has soared in our current economic climate – use VALUE ELICITATION as an essential part of evaluating the type of career their clients are most suited to.

Continue reading “Does your career correlate with your values”

Activate your potential

Eighteen years ago when I first moved to southern Spain to live, I was embarking on a very different path from the frantic and busy corporate business jungle I’d been involved in as a Senior Executive for many years. I was taking time out for ME to see what I could do with my art, to just travel, have fun and find myself – whatever that meant! To contemplate my navel. Unbeknown to me I was about to activate my potential!

Now this wasn’t a decision that came to me just like that, oh no. I was a strong, businesswoman and wasn’t into any of this spiritual woohoo stuff like ‘stones have energies’ and ‘trees have auras’ and all that! Having said that though, even I had to sit up and take notice when I was ‘hit over the head with a rubber mallet’ (metaphorically speaking of course).

I was given three signs (I was so not into signs!) in a row over some months that I finally had to realise that something was trying to get my attention.  And get it, it did. And I listened. And I followed. And I ended up on the other side of the world in Andalusia southern Spain. For a year I said…

Things can happen quickly when you listen to the signs

Anyway, I made that happen in about 6 months and off I trotted to a little village in the mountains. Ohm! I began to meditate in the mornings, something that was completely new to me and bit by bit, I got better and better at it – better meaning stilling your mind and shutting out the incessant chatter we have going on – until I was sitting in peaceful meditation up to an hour a morning.

When it really worked you would be in this space that I call ‘the gap’ where you are fully aware of what’s going on around you but there is a stillness inside that then allows ‘stuff’ to come to you. It didn’t happen often but on several occasions I would suddenly see an image or hear a voice! In that moment I would be wide-awake and conscious again with the question “Who Said That??”

Of course, it’s your subconscious or Higher Self, whatever you want to call it, giving you a message but I didn’t know that then.

The most insightful message I had and very early on, was “ALL YOU HAVE IS WITHIN”. Wow! How profound. I’ve never forgotten it and that’s where the quote at the beginning comes from.

Have you had anything similar happen?

Fast forward 17 years – that’s how long I stayed in Spain, somewhat longer than I planned but my new journey took hold there and I’m sure it’ll lead me back.

For now I’m in Australia again having gone much, much further down that ‘woohoo’ spiritual path though I like to think that I still have my feet firmly planted on the ground!

Whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, you have loads of potential just waiting. So activate your potential now, let me be your partner on this journey and share some of what I’ve learnt.