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Blessed Goddess

My heartfelt thanks for your purchase of the unique IntuitionGuidance Cards.

Your transaction has been completed and a PayPal receipt has been emailed to you. Your unique 24 card deck should arrive with you ‘in person’ within 7 -28 days. I apologise that due to escalating postage charges over the last years, I can no longer include P&P outside Australia hence the additional cost to ROW (rest of the world). 

As a thank you to YOU for beginning to listen to your Inner Guidance I have a very special free offer for you below, no strings attached.

The IntuitionGuidance Cards are a powerful tool to learn how to find and trust your intuition, to tap into and deepen that inner wisdom we all have so we can follow its continuing guidance. 

There are many ways to use the cards (save this link for more ways to use). You will also find a few in the instruction brochure that comes with the deck.  When you choose a card and read its message, take your time and really allow it to connect with your intuition, that all-knowing wisdom each of us has guiding us for our highest good at all times:

  • What are the first thoughts that pop into your head?
  • What do you feel and where in your body can you feel it?
  • What action step, no matter how small, might move you in the right direction now?

We can lack faith in what we intuitively feel and this process is all about learning to find and trust your intuition, then follow it.

My special gift is to offer you a FREE 15 minute session showing you how to use the cards. Simply email me HERE once you have received the cards and we’ll set up an appointment.


With gratitude and blessings

Personal Growth for Women

PS: For more inspiration and growth encouragement, learn from my experiences through my blog HERE.

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  • Hi Glen,
    I was looking at your website this morning and thought your cards would be great for my daughter.
    She is in Melbourne and I/m sure she will love these.
    She is a Naturopath, Birth Doula, Post Natal food Chef and supplier.
    Thanks for coming to Mapleton yesterday. Ill let you know if anything suitable comes to me.
    Kind regards

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