“Your time will come. Find peace within. Get control of your life. Then you will be empowered to move forward again.”

Goddess of Dreams – Intuition Guidance Cards

When we tap into our inner artist, no matter what form this takes, i.e. singer, painter, actor, musician or any of the many forms of art, we then allow our mind and body to work together intuitively. When we begin to work and create at an intuitive level we do so effortlessly and with pure joy in our lives.

Are you following your heart and creating magic through your Art every day? Do you wish you could spend your time following your passion instead of working?

Whether you want to be paid for your art or you wish to pursue it purely for personal satisfaction it is important that you allow yourself to be immersed in it entirely. Art in itself is therapeutic but when you allow yourself to actually be guided by it you begin to uncover long held limiting beliefs and blocks that have restricted your success. When you learn the necessary skills to unlock those beliefs and blocks you will find your artistic success taken to new heights that you have only ever imagined reaching.


“As a painter of nudes, mostly female, through more than 25 years my quest is always how to abstract the painting but not what I perceive to be the perfect human form. I achieve this abstraction then by colour and the style in which I paint – whatever the medium.

With mixed media, I use only a pallet knife and other tools for pasting on the thick paint on an acrylic base and then scratching the image into the wet paint, allowing it to semi dry before scraping away parts.

I find it allows the viewer to go deeper into the image and ponder the process to final image.

All my paintings are created either from a drawing I have made from a live model or directly from a live model. I have found models in all parts of the world I have lived: Spain, Australia, Paris and London.”

My career

Born in Denmark and raised in Australia, Glen began painting in 1990 and soon discovered a deep passion for the human form, working in both paint and drawing direct from life. She spent 15 years in southern Spain honing her talents, where she also discovered a new passion in pottery.

The Sacred Feminine series of female nudes led Glen to intuitively create a powerful tool, the (GoddessGuides) Intuition Guidance Cards with astonishingly pertinent messages to guide you to your intuition. Glen has used the Intuition cards extensively in workshops and private coaching both in Europe, the US and Australia.

Glen returned to Australia in 2011 and settled on the Sunshine Coast. She is currently focusing again on her passion for clay, which she’s dabbled in on and off for 18 years. Working with local artists and teachers, she has also constructed a small private art gallery and working studio.

Glen is autodidactic though has studied and partaken in many and varied life drawing classes and groups in Australia, Paris, London and Spain since 1990. She has studied with various expert ceramic artists in Spain, Denmark and Australia. Her painting, Seeing Red, was selected in September 2016 as a finalist in the Royal Queensland Art Society figurative.

heARTistic Mentoring

I guide you, using your own intuition and insights to get you where you want to and deserve to be. When we need extra support, we use my powerful Intuition Guidance Cards.

Intuition Guidance Cards

Powerful. Unique. Healing. Empowering You. Very different from other oracle and goddess decks. 24 large cards lovingly created to guide us within for answers.

My Art

Paintings from life and Ceramics. The latter being my main passion which on my nomadic wanderings I’ll feed through residencies around the world. Sign up to my Digital Gypsy Travel blog to find out more.

“Glen is a truly abundant individual who was a joy to work with in creating her new website. I found her to be creative, empowering, thoughtful and great fun. She beautifully demonstrated why she is a fabulous coach and artist and I recommend her without hesitation.”

Marion Ryan

Owner, Online Business Gym, UK

“Glen is not only one of the most wonderful and beautiful people you will ever meet, she is also a dynamic and inspired entrepreneur. She has created with the GoddessGuides Intuition Cards, a most incredible tool to help individuals get a deep and profound insight into many areas of their life. This tool should be a must for most professional coaches.”

Gerard O’Donovan

Chairman and Founder, Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd., UK

I found such joy in Glen, be it over the phone by her voice, her emails, her interest, concern, her emotions – all of which I ‘picked up ‘ when she helped me overcome an issue. Glen displayed and encouraged such an interest in me, to really, really help find a way through to me so I could again be the person I once was and to again feel ‘worth it’ and that I could achieve whatever I wanted.”