Paintings from life and Ceramics. The latter being my main passion which on my nomadic wanderings I’ll feed through residencies around the world. Sign up to my Digital Gypsy Travel blog to find out more.

I guide you, using your own intuition and insights to get you where you want to and deserve to be. When we need extra support, we use my powerful Intuition Guidance Cards.

Powerful. Unique. Healing. Empowering You. Very different from other oracle and goddess decks. 24 large cards lovingly created to guide us within for answers.

heARTist for artists!

That’s what I say about my mentoring for artists – and myself –  in pursuit of our artistic passion. I’m an artist guiding you back on track with your art with regular mentoring sessions.

If you’re off track and want to get back in the groove with your art, talk to me about how we can work together to get you there. Send me an overview here and I’ll get back in touch.