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As a Personal Mentor Coach, I’m always on a journey and this time, it’s back to my heART!

ART is where I began 40 years ago and drifted away from, dipping in just long enough to create the GoddessGuides Intuition Cards. Then drifting away again.

Recently I’ve been shown in no uncertain terms, leaving absolutely certain it’s where I belong, where my heart is ~ at my heART.

As a Personal Mentor Coach I can help you get back to your heART too, wherever that might be.

  • Where are you now and where is your heART place?
  • Do you know where but can’t get there alone?
  • Do you not know and want to find out?

I will take you on that journey so you can get back to where you’re meant to be, where things will flow effortlessly and where your contentment is. Through practical and emotional support we will launch your new back to heART life.

Contact me on skype: gladpapillon or here to talk about how being back at your heART might be for you.

“I am excited to pick up our sessions again… You can be assured that you have got me through many a tough time and lifted my spirit in moments when your words come to my mind like a shining light of relief.”  Jasmin Karma

 I will pass on everything I have learnt:

  • identify your heART place
  • motivating and inspiring you to get there
  • boosting your self esteem
  • showing you how to believe in and trust yourself
  • learning to use your intuition – and trust it
  • gain confidence
  • identify and get past barriers 

Partner with me and you will learn how to:

  • hear your intuition guiding you, resulting in making right decisions and choices
  • trust your intuition and self leading to clarity
  • feel confident and worthy
  • understand what your mind can perceive, YOU can achieve
  • cross the gap from where you are now to where you want to be – and  stay there
You won’t believe the positive knock on effect this has in all areas of your life.  

This is what you do NEXT:  Call me on (+61) 459 343 828, skype (Glen Ladegaard) or email here  so we can talk about your Soulo adventure.

If you want things in your life to change, you will HAVE to change things in your life.

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