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‘Inspirational Growth for the Corporate Goddess through Motivation, Energising and Intuition’

I’m frequently told I’m inspiring. I take this with great humility as I continue on a huge personal growth journey here in Viet Nam and Cambodia. My hope is that through my actions you can dare to also live your dreams and passions through motivation, energising and using your gift of intuition.

Those who know me well say that I ‘Glenergise’ others! As I grow and expand my Self and my world by using my intuition, I will pass that learning to all you gorgeous Corporate Goddesses by:

  • motivating and energising you to get what you want
  • boosting your self esteem and self worth
  • showing you how to believe in and trust yourself
  • learning to use and trust your intuition
  • getting (back) your confidence
  • abolishing any fear so nothing stands in the way of living the life you want and deserve


Do you feel you have little or no self worth which stops you fulfilling your dreams?
Do you still have goals that remain unfulfilled because you don’t believe in your self? Is your life and future looking bleak with nothing to look forward to on the horizon?

How is your self esteem and belief in your abilities?

Partner with me on your coaching journey and you will learn by use of valuable tools that empower you, how to:

  • hear your intuition guiding you resulting in making right decisions and choices
  • trust your intuition and Self leading to clarity
  • feel confident and worthy
  • understand what your mind can perceive, YOU can achieve
  • cross the gap from where you are now to where you want to be – and  stay there
The benefits and results carry forward to all areas of your life and are lasting, bring renewed confidence and self esteem through a positive and accurate image of yourself.  When you’re accountable to someone else with your commitments they’re much harder to break.
Learn more here.

If you want things in your life to change, you will HAVE to change things in your life.

Through unbiased support and encouragement, I help you get where you want to go so CALL ME on (+61) 459 343 828, skype (Glen Ladegaard) or email here  for a free, exploratory chat on how we can reshape your life.

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